The Educational Studio: the mission

To enhance pleasure in and to strengthen the power of learning, that is in short the mission of The Educational Studio. The ultimate goal is to develop a self-propelling learning ability, or, to be more modest, to make a contribution to its development.

To accomplish our mission, we consider it necessary to regard learning as an art of life. Elements of that art are:
– learn to discover where you as a human being are good at or would like to be,
– learn to express yourself,
– learn to learn better,
– learn to be emotionally involved in what you do and continue to do that, in order to find new motivation and fun.

Two important concepts in our studio are self-expression and self learning. They have in common the need for communication. So it goes without saying that communication plays an important, not to say a pivotal, role.

Human beings are connected in numerous ways with each other. That also applies to learning. Learning is an individual thing but with the help of others. We call this approach social-individualistic. The people of South Africa has a wonderful word for this approach: Ubuntu, which means ‘I am because we are’.

Our work focuses on learners of any age and on anyone who has a supporting role in the learning process:
– parents, teachers, school boards, public authorities;
– guidance services, study centers, consultancy firms, ICT and media specialists;
– publishers, libraries, cultural institutions and other civil society organizations.

We try to achieve our goal through research and supportive and innovative projects. The Educational Studio is a non-profit foundation, legally based in The Netherlands and registered by the Chambers of Commerce. The foundation is dependent for its work on project grants and benevolent contributions from supporters and stakeholders.

In the starting phase we will focus for our projects and activities on the Netherlands. But where possible we will develop projects with partners from other European countries.

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